Joey Soplantila is a software designer. Making new creations such like modules, patches and presets for the “Firehawk FX” and “Helix” of the Line 6 devices.
Analyzer and user tweaker with experience ,skills, projects & cases history known under username “Joey S.“.

Joey Soplantila.- Software Tweaker.

Experience & Cases of Joey Soplantila

Name: Joey Soplantila
Skills: Tweaker user, Analytics, Tech specialist, Programmer, Code scripting, spectrum analyzer.

1st Specialist in: Frequency-, spectrum- & communication analyzin;
2nd Specialist in: Frequency and user tweaker;
3th Specialist in: Module, Presets & Patch maker.

Joey is also active with solf├ęge of frequency with sound. Experiments with electronics for sound, shifting and frequency. User tweaker for Line 6 Firehawk, Digitech RP14 and JSP Software Engineering.

Joey Soplantila is working and testing at this moment in a project for Artificial Intelligence Technology. Modern approach on analyzing and rectification for tweaking on multi effects, (sound) signal and debugging.
Joey is also active on optimizing and tweaking the multi processor Digitech RP14 and the Line6 Firehawk. In reorder for optimizing the frequency signal for advanced use. Such like echo, delay, reverb, distortion, overdrive, amplifier, looping, fuzz and many more.

It is possible to download these files, documentation and also installing it on your Firehawk. This can be downloaded by the appFirehawk Remote” of Line 6. This app can be found on your Google Play Store. While using this app as an user community of Firehawk, you can download the files under username “Joey S.”.
There are many different presets, fixes and tweaked settings (from synth, solo, amps, effects).